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We develop products to reduce the electricity bill


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1.) Econelec ®

ECONELEC® is able to meet, on single equipment, with different important functions to the proper operation of the electrical facilities and achieve a significant reduction in the electricity bill.

2.) Econebat ®

The future of the Reactive Energy comes true. It improves technical conditions in the installation in addition to reducing the cost of the electric bill.

3.) Power factor correction

We have automatic and semi-automatic equipment for the power factor correction, three-phase or single-phase power capacitors, reactive energy controllers and capacitor duty contactors available.

4.) UPS

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an equipment with batteries or other energy storage elements, by means of which, during a power cut, it can provide electrical power for a limited time to all the devices connected to it. Another function offered by UPS is to improve the quality of the electrical energy that supplies the loads, filtering voltage increases and decreases and eliminating harmonics of the network in case of using AC voltage.


A voltage stabilizer is an electronic or electromechanical equipment, designed to supply a stabilized voltage at its output (230 Volts or 380 Volts), although at its input the voltage is lower or higher than the use value.

Technical assistance service

Our Technical Assistance Service (TAS) is made up of highly qualified technicians and specialists, who are capable of offering, safely and professionally, both efficient technical support and after sales services. Our Technical Assistance Service (TAS) are present world wide.

AENER´s Technical Assistance Service (TAS) provides to customers the following services:

  • Assistance telephone centre
  • Pre-sales service

  • Starting up

  • Tas

  • Maintenance contract
  • Technical training

  • Calbat software

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