FT455–90 KVAR/440 V 50 Hz

FT45 Series with automatic thermo-magnetic circuit

The FT45 Series is an equipment specially designed for the fixed electrical loads and transformers reactive energy compensation, incorporating some appropriated operating protection devices. Its design makes it the ideal component for the construction of automatic capacitor banks of high power. AENER´s capacitors fitted in our equipments are totally manufactured free of PCB and do not contain toxic substances.
AENER´s capacitors are totally protected against over voltage or ageing at the end of the capacitor’s useful service life.


Rated voltage: 440 V 50 Hz.
Maximum permissible current: 1,3 In.
Tolerance of capacitance: -5 +15%.
Dielectric losses: < 0,2 W / Kvar. Life expectancy: > 120.000 h.
Temperature range inside the equipment: Max. 55ºC / Min. -25ºC
Self-Healing. Delta internal connection. Inside discharge resistor. Metal box.
Safety device: Built-in. Three-phase automatic thermo-magnetic circuit contact breaker. Capacitor on-line indicator lamp.
Other power ratings, voltages or frequencies available upon request.

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