1000 SERIES25–100 KVAR/440 V 50 Hz

For networks with low/medium harmonic distortion
< 30% THD in current Exchangeable module. The 1000 Series is the ideal solution for manufacturing capacitors banks, optimising the maximum space in the cabinet. Its innovative Rack 19“ type design allows a convenient mounting, simple installation and easy maintenance. The 1000 Series fits any cabinet types available in the market due to its standard sizes. That makes it an ideal solution to include the capacitor bank inside the same cabinet as the main board. TECHNICAL SPECIFICAT IONS AND STANDARD EQUIPMENT Rated voltage: 440 V 50 Hz. Admissible working voltage range: 380 – 440 V. Capacitor duty contactors. Three-phase capacitors TR30 Series with internal safety system. Step protection fuses. Halogen-free cables. Maximun interconnection up to 400 Kvar , each bus-bar OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT AND NON-STANDARD EQUIPMENTS Other power ratings, voltages, steps or frequencies available upon request. Cheek Sheet