1,67–5 KVAR/240–400–440 V 50 Hz

For networks with low/medium harmonic distortion
< 30% THD in current

AENER´s capacitors fitted in our equipments are totally manufactured free of PCB and do not contain toxic substances. Our capacitors consist of a low-loss dielectric formed by pure polypropylene film.
AENER´s capacitors are totally protected against over voltage or ageing at the end of the capacitor’s useful service life.


Rated voltage: 240 – 400 – 440 V 50 Hz.
Maximum permissible current: 1,3 In.
Tolerance of capacitance: -5 +15%.
Dielectric losses: < 0,2 W / Kvar. Life expectancy: > 120.000 h.
Temperature range inside the equipment: Max. 55°C / Min. -25°C.
Construction technology: self-healing.
Discharge resistance: built-in.
Case type: cylindrical, aluminium.
Fixing system: bottom stud M12.
Conection: double faston 6,3.
Safety device: built-in.

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