REGULADOR FPR-126/12 Escalones |6/12 Steps

Reactive energy controller PFR-6/PFR-12
The AENER’S reactive power controllers PFR-6/PFR-12 are one step
further in the world of measurement and management of power
factor. Easy to use, powerful microprocessor and a modern design
make this model a wonderful alternative. An LCD screen that indicates the power factor and a connected step’s indicator are included as standard.

Operated by a powerful micropocessor.
Multiple readings (RMS measurement).
Automatic setting of the C/K value.
Digital display.
Self-adapting switching sequence (depending on the rated power of thestep).
Rotative connection of same powered steps for an uniformed usage.
Two working modes: automatic and manual. New innovative design.

Supply voltage: 400 V ±10%.
Supply power consumption: 5 VA.
Input current: 5 A.
Maximum input current: (sinewave) 5,5 A.
Minimum input current: 60 mA.
Programmable switch-on / switch-off: 1 – 250 sec.
CT range: 30/5 A up to 5.000/5 A.
Self-adapting switching sequence: self adapting: (1.1.1… -1.2.2…
-1.2.4… , etc.).
Dimensions: 144 x 144 x 60 mm.
Temperature range: -25°C / +50°C.
Protection level: IP40.

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