V450-V650 SERIES

 SERIE V450-V650
6 steps V450 / 6 and 12 steps V650

Reactive Energy Controller V450 – V650
The Aener’s controllers V450 – V650 are equipped with the newest
generation of microprocessors and they are incorporating alarms and sophisticated control functions which ensure the capacitors protection against serious or non-normal working conditions.

Operated by a powerful microprocessor. Automatic correction of the
Current Transformer (CT). Multiple readings (RMS measurement).
Intelligent alarm functions.
Separate measurement and power supply inputs. Two manual control
modes. Safety dual-level digital programming. Digital display.

Input voltage: 100 V – 690 Vrms.
Supply voltage: 230-240 V and 115-120 V ±10% (selectable).
Frequency: 50/ 60 Hz.
Input current: 5A.
Maximum input current: (sinewave) 5,5 A.
Minimum input current: 100 mA.
Power Factor adjustment: 0,50 Ind. / 0,50 cap.
Adjustable alarms: over voltage, low power factor, over current
(harmonics), over temperature, etc. CT range: 5/5 A up to 12.000/5 A.
Readings: PF, V, Δ kvar, THC%, °C.
Programmable commutation intervals and reconnection delay times.
Self-adapting switching sequence.
Dimensions: 96 x 96 x 50 mm (type 450), 144 x 144 x 50 mm (type 650).
Weight (approx.): 0,450 kg (type 450), 0,680 kg (type 650).

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