SERIE  SMC6,7–60 KVAR/240–600 V 50 Hz

Why special capacitor duty contactor?
During the exact moment of switching, a capacitor effectively appears
as short circuit. In case of multi-stage capacitor, for automatic
capacitor banks, the in-rush current greater than 180 times the rated
capacitor current can occur.
Such large-current of such high magnitude is undesirable and likely
to weld main contacts of standard duty contactors and even damage
capacitors. That is why, we advise to use our special capacitor duty

Rated insulation voltage: 660 V.
Maximun working voltage: 600 V.
Voltage tolerance: – 20 + 20%.
Life expectancy under optimal conditions: >100.000 times.
Operation frequency: up to 240 (depending on types).
Admisible temperature: Max. 45°C / Min. – 5°C.

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