CU10–50 KVAR/400 V 50 Hz

For networks with high harmonic distortion
> 60% THD in current

The transferring of the resonance frequency to a frequency value
lower than that of the predominant harmonic is achieved by adding
an inductance in parallel to the capacitor.
The using of Aener reactors allows to reduce sensibly the harmonics in
the installation for both linear loads and in the sources (transformers
and generators). With the installation of capacitor banks equipped
with harmonic filters the harmonics circulate between the generating
loads and the capacitor bank eliminating, this way, the harmonics
from the rest of the installation. This is the reason behind the
importance of filtering the harmonics as close as possible to the
generating loads.

Rated voltage: 400 V 50 Hz.
Detuning factor: 7%.
Resonance frequency: 189 Hz.
Inductance tolerance: ± 3%.
Linearity: 1,75 In.
Test voltage: 3.000 V.
Thermal isolation: Class F / 155°C.
Maximum ambient temperature: + 45°C.
Protection level: IP00.

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