ServThe acquisition of an AENER ENERGIA capacitor bank, UPS-UPS or voltage stabilizer, is only the first step to improve the quality and energy saving installation.

The next step is the maintenance of equipment by a qualified service that allows you maximize equipment performance and low life expectancy.

AENER ENERGIA offers quality service, experience and professionalism to all its customers.

Our Technical Assistance Service (TAS) is made up of highly qualified technicians and specialists, who are capable of offering, safely and professionally, both efficient technical support and after sales services. Our Technical Assistance Service (TAS) are present world wide.

AENER´s Technical Assistance Service (TAS) provides to customers the following services:


telfTo maintain a direct and immediate contact with the customer and, thus, support them in everything related to the installation, maintenance and repair of capacitor banks, SAI’s-UPS’s and voltage stabilizers both our brand and other commercially available.This service provides installers and end customers with a precious information in punctual moments.


pre_ventaOur Technical Department carries out a first visit to the
customer’s installation in order to check all important aspects,
i.e. choice of an adequate equipment, the location of the
equipment, adequacy to the environment where the equipment
will be used and, certainly, the accomplishment of exhaustive
net analyses with the most advanced measurement instruments.

AENER also advises, free, to all kinds of companies in choosing the equipment who want to install by analyzing energy bills, engineering design studies, etc.. The presence of an installation technician is vital for maximum safety that the choice is correct and that your investment will be fully safeguarded. The Teleservice option can also be a good choice for the first consultation and know, in this way, the level of investment-savings that may occur.


onAENER´s TAS will gladly carry out installation and start up of the equipment ordered by a customer, upon previous agreement with our commercial department.


ServTechnical Assistance Service (TAS) gives support to both AENER’s equipments and other maker’s equipments all over Spain.The on-site equipments review can continue to enjoy the savings in the case of the capacitor banks, or security of supply if SAI’s-UPS’s and voltage stabilizers. Fast and efficient service is guaranteed.


ServSaving equipment and power quality incorporating active elements suffering progressive wear. For this reason, it is essential to perform proper maintenance to ensure proper operation.
Otherwise, it can cause significant economic losses and disturbances in the rest of the installation.

Our Technical Department offers to our customers the possibility to sign a maintenance contract, in order to reduce to theminimum the risks that could bring the equipment to eventual damages as well as the costs involved in same.
The contracts provide different formulas ranging from check to check operation of the equipment to total solutions including interventions, replacements of damaged parts with original parts, periodic preventive maintenance visits … all reflected in a contract that is adapted at all times to customer needs.


cursosOur Technical and Quality Departments organize training on
AENER energy saving system, automatic capacitors bank, UPS and voltage stabilizers for our customers, in order to explain all technical details like smooth operation, right installation, etc.

In addition, we offer training on electrical energy, quality of
energy and related subjects.


calbat2 AENER ENERGIA has developed a complete software for the calculation of automatic capacitors bank, CALBAT. This is a useful and quite successful software toll for distributors, installers, engineering companies and electrical distribution combanies.

Other programs like RUPS UPSILON 2000 and 2000 are used to control and monitor your UPS and the UPS battery condition


renting AENER Energy has launched a Rent Service in some products. In this process, we’ll take care of advise in choosing, supply, installation and maintenance.

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