AENER is participating in Hannover Messe

AENER strengthens its presence in the international market

  • Spanish technological innovations in energy savings and efficiency are one of the major novelties, that this year, are in Hannover Messe ( Germany).
  • AENER is emerging as one of the most innovative companies of this year , with the introduction of the newest Energy Saving System, ECONELEC ®, developed with 100 % Spanish technology.

The Spanish technological developments in the field of energy saving and efficiency are emerging as one of the greatest innovations presented at this year in Hannover Messe , from 7th  to 11th April , in Germany.

Companies like AENER will use its participation in this international forum to strengthen and expand its international exports. AENER figures this year as one of the great revelations of the gallery of innovation, with Energy Saving System ECONELEC®, a solution that has 100 % Spanish technology and has been designed in collaboration with several leading universities.

It is a modern proposal, unique in the market for its features, carrying out with only one equipment, many features of particular relevance for the optimal operation of electrical installations such as the elimination of reactive energy , reducing consumption – between 5% and 20% -, decrease the total harmonic distortion of load as well as improving the voltage waveform of the system.

Germany : the door to the international market.

The presence in this international forum is included in the internationalization plan of AENER, which in recent years has reinfirced its exports in mature markets such as Europe , where new solutions are seeked in terms of energy saving and efficiency in power distribution to achieve the objectives set by the European Union in terms of sustainability .

This expansion program has allowed the company to position itself as model in highlights emerging markets such as Latin America (openning soon office in Mexico DF) or Asia ( with an office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) , as well as developing countries where the assurance of energy supply and energy efficiency are critical factors for growth.